Updating Your Headshot, Star Trek & Tips For Getting The most Out Of Your Session!

This was such a fun headshot portrait session for me! If you know me, then you know I absolutely love my dad! He’s the best. He adopted me late in my life and has in every way been the dad I always prayed for and dreamed of having most my growing up years. Fun fact- we actually named our 4 year old son, Matthew after him. We thought it would be a special way to honor him since he never had biological kids of his own and also because his name means “Gift From God” and that felt fitting for the role he’s played in my life and for our sweet boy on the way! Meet Matt, my dad and one of my favorite people on the planet!

This headshot session came about because someone at a client meeting with him commented on how he looks nothing like his LinkedIn profile! Well the truth was, the photo was about ten years old! Its so easy in the busyness of life to forget to update something like a headshot photo but its SO important especially in the digital age we live in! I think a great photo can not only make you feel more confident but increase engagement with you on social media and linkedIn. It shows you are professional and that you take things serious.

One of my best tips when doing a branding or headshot session is MORE IS BETTER!! We live in such a digital age and more and more it seems like it’s all about posting new content. Also, its fun to have a variety of photos that show different unique facets of your personality. For my dad, while he is every bit classy and highly respected in his industry, he is also a huge Star Trek fan! While that is way out of left field to me, its something he loves to jokingly incorporate during a very technically heavy research presentation to keep things light hearted and his audience engaged. So that fun, playful side of him was something we wanted to incorporate into his headshot photos! Also, he loves his dog Bo, so we had to make sure that at the very end we snapped a photo with the two of them together. Turns out, that one is his favorite!

More options are always better when it comes to photography. Bringing a variety of different props and outfits gives you more variety to choose from depending on what opportunities you have in front of you. Sometimes it’s as simple as just needing a new LinkedIn photo because you are applying for new jobs. Other times, you need fresh content to brand your business or launch a new website. Or maybe you are a keynote speaker at a conference- the point is you never know when you’ll need options and its always great to have several to choose from. Here is a sample of the fun that can be had doing something as simple as updating your headshot!