Snow Canyon State Park // Zion National Park


This picture says it all! Look at the joy and excitement on his face! Marriage is the BEST. This is a man that LOVES his bride. I think sometimes marriage gets a bad rap because it is hard work but let me set the record straight, it is the best, most rewarding work you will ever do!! There will never be such a big return on your investment, not only for you and your spouse but for the legacy you leave for generations to come. This is a photo that I hope they look back on twenty years from now and only love and cherish more! Thats the beautiful thing about pictures, they are one of the few things in life that gain value and significance over time. It’s a rare opportunity to hold a moment in time. These gorgeous photos were taken at Snow Canyon in Zion National Park! The views are incredible, they’ll leave you breathless in awe and wonder of God and the beauty and majesty of his creation.