Generosity is at the heart and soul of who we are.



It's the foundation on which we build everything else.


How Ashleigh Barrett Photography

got it's start.



I remember a time a couple years back praying, literally asking the Lord for a gift that I'd be able to tangibly give away and touch the lives of others with. Little did I know then, the beautiful things God had in store. 

Mine and Skylars lives have been so impacted by the generous lives of others, in ways you couldn't even begin to dream and because of that we've always made it our mission to give back in the same the way. It's our hearts desire that generosity would be a natural extension of who we are, our legacy.

We truly believe the world of the generous gets larger and larger, and that there's more joy and blessing in the giving rather than receiving.
Because of that belief and our desire for generosity to spill over into everything we do, we wanted to find a way to intentionally incorporate generosity into our business...

Each year, I will be gifting 6 photo sessions that highlight a beautiful story.


Each year, I will be gifting 6 photo sessions that highlight a beautiful story.


Featured Story

Strong Man,

Tender Heart

This is a story of God’s redeeming love and His amazing grace.


There is so much power in story- in sharing your own and being inspired and strengthened by others.

A legacy of a grandparent and a life well liveD.
An aunt or dear friend who has spent her life loving and pouring into the hearts of others.
A teacher who has made an incredible impact nurturing the hearts and minds of their students.
A mom who has battled infertility and is now expecting a beautiful baby to hold in her arms.
A dad who is in the fight of his life battling cancer but still manages a smile on his brave face everyday.

Let’s Talk!

If there is a special person in your life with a story that you hold close to your heart, feel free to send it to me. I can't pick everyone but over the course of this year I would love to highlight and feature six.


Email me with with generosity in the subject line.


I can't wait to hear from you!